Unnatural Selection. | Tara de la Garza at The Lodge Gallery.

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Tara de la Garza recently debuted her newest solo exhibition, Unnatural Selection, at The Lodge Gallery. Inspired by Nature’s potential, the west coast artist uses her exhibition to help us envision what it would be like if that very potential went unchecked—undisturbed by human interference. The result is a whimsical world of hybrid organisms, a library of awe-inspiring holistic hodgepodges pieced together from various natural history images.

De la Garza provided some insight during opening night:

“‘Science puts things together and forms something completely hybrid and new. I’m playing with this in my work – connecting things that create other associations. I want you to quietly contemplating the wonders of biodiversity and the interconnectedness of everything.‘”

Unnatural Selection will be on display at The Lodge Gallery (131 Chrystie Street) through June 25th. Check out some of the scenes from opening night—de la Garza gave out stick-on tattoos of her work!

Photos Courtesy of Elle Ambler.

Unnatural Selection
June 15 2017 – June 25 2017
The Lodge Gallery | 131 Chrystie Street