The Power of Aluminum.

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The course of alternative automobile fuel has taken an interesting turn as of late. Turns out an Israeli company named Alchemy Research has developed a technology for using alumimum as a “fuel” and using electric power to “recharge” the aluminum.

This news comes in the wake of a shrink oil resource and a growing need for that very source — not to mention soaring gas prices. Those familiar with element have long known aluminum for having a high energy content which can be released via oxidation but there have also recognize the major technical issues blocking its use as a power source.

Nonetheless, new possibilities are being explored. Dubbed Alydro, “the basis of the technology is that aluminum + water are combined in a reaction chamber to proude hydrogen + aluminum oxide + heat. The most interesting output from the reaction, hydrogen, can be used to power a microturbine which in turn produces electricity powering the automobile’s wheels.”¹

Alydro has numerous amount benefits including low cost, recyclability, and efficiency. One of the only drawbacks is the current cost but once applied in a mass method, it proves to be less costly than petroleum. Read more →here←.

Courtesy of I Gotta Drive.

¹ Aluminum Powered Cars from I Gotta Drive.

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