Putting Your Inspiration on Paper. | The New Inspiration Pad.

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Apple would have you believe that inspiration lies in their newest tablet, but Marc Thomasset  of TM™ has a more analog experience in mind. At first glance, the new Inspiration Pad looks like a traditional note pad, but inside, it contains a subtly innovative twist that makes it a canny take on an old classic.

This is actually the second reincarnation of the Inspiration Pad. Thomasset explains its initial conception:

“In 2001 I was drawing projects in a notebook, and suddenly it hit me how a classic notebook, however beautiful, is always very rigid and grid like, so I wanted to turn the conventional upside down with curved, angles and twisted lines in order to create one which could inspire people to unleash their own creativity.”

– Marc Thomasset.

All Photos Courtesy of Marcel Veelo.

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