Be Gentle, Man.

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Listen up, you uncouth piece of shit because the world is going to hell and the way that you conduct yourself from here on out, may very well make you one of the last bastions of civilization. Alfred Tong, who has written for many publications including The Times, the Telegraph, and Esquire, teams up with South London illustrator Jack Hughes once again for The Gentleman’s Handbook: The Essential Guide to Being a Man.

A follow to up The Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails, Hughes’ mid-century illustrations marry well with Tong’s expert advice. Touching on everything from what to wear and how to keep your clothes looking in top shape, to which jobs to chase after and how to plan the perfect romantic evening, The Gentleman’s Handbook:… will be available October 1st but is available for presale NOW.

Illustration for The Gentle Handbook:... by Jack Hughes. (Courtesy of Jack Hughes.)

Illustration for The Gentle Handbook:… by Jack Hughes. (Courtesy of Jack Hughes.)

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