The Day We Met Irene Diaz.

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The weather is getting quite chilly these days, but there is one memory that continues to keep us warm—the day we met Irene Diaz. Diaz, a lilliputian songbird from the Left Coast, stood in the courtyard of Madison Square Garden leaning against a pillar with a quiet confidence that would lead you to think that she owned the building. It was a cloudy summer afternoon yet her rich, dark hair gleamed like the Pacific Ocean and remained playfully undaunted by the city’s gusty conditions. The threat of rain also loomed in the sky but Diaz’s knowing smile and sunny charm kept the weather at bay.

Our good friend Fiona Bloom raved about Diaz before we met her in midtown on that grey day. In the wake of Bloom’s enthusiasm, we listened to her music extensively and couldn’t wait to meet the source of such splendid, heartfelt artistry. Irene Diaz possesses a talent that has endless potential. Her most recent EP, I Love You Madly, is only the tip of the creative iceberg. Songs like “Tricky Game” and the titular track “I Love You Madly” prove that the young Torch singer is capable of awe-inspiring emotion and flawless song arrangement.

Diaz is currently working on her first full length album, the interview that you are about to watch is the calm before a beautiful, loving storm.

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