TFAPopUp x Art Basel Miami Beach Opening Night Party featuring DJ Otto.

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Two years ago at Art Basel Miami Beach, during our annual pilgrimage through Tony Goldman’s Wynwood Walls munching on some fig and goat cheese pizza from Joey’s and as we rolled ’round the rest of the hood photographing all the amazing street art, we made a dope discovery: Fearless Artists, a pop-up gallery with dozens of artist inside a large exhibition space that also showcased some cool interactive art and, hands-down, had one of the best bars at an art exhibition, ever. Founded by one fearless lady named Kiki Somerville, CEO and Founder of Fearless Artist Media, Kiki is once again transforming a 3,000 sq ft warehouse in the heart of Miami’s Art and Design District into an immersive art and entertainment experience. With 20 years of legal, entertainment and production experience behind her – from working at MTV in its heyday to providing legal services to Sony/BMG– Kiki knows how to bring the right stuff forward. Her mission, after all, is to provide artists with more than just an affordable means to bring their art to market: Kiki goes above and beyond at working to bring these artists branding opportunities long after the show comes down; she seeks to give artists critical and commercial exposure for their future development. And with a Juris Doctorate from Fordham University School of Law, she’ll also sue anyone’s ass who’ll try to take advantage of ‘her’ artists. Like we said: she’s fearless. And that’s why we love her and are collaborating with Fearless Artist Media this year, and, along with those great dudes from Bucketfeet, are producing and co-hosting local legend and DJ extraordinaire, Mr. Otto Von Schirach, for what will be the greatest, craziest party during this years Art Basel Miami Beach. Don’t miss it. November 29th starting at 10pm.

at FEARLESS ARTIST, November 29th, 10pm, Wynwood
235 NW 23rd St Miami, FL

From Nov 29- Dec 4, the #TFAPOPUP exhibition will open to the thousands of fans and collectors visiting the area during Art Basel. Each day and night, their programming and events offers a wonderful opportunity for art industry professionals and aficionados, to network, engage, and connect with veteran and emerging artists.

Artists featured in 2015 Fearless Artist show included:

Cannon Hersey, Lisa Waltuch, Uncutt Art, Anisa Romero, Rodney Allen Trice, Peter Smith, Nancy Hirsch, Gregory Clark, Luisa Lopez Celada, Michelle Lopez, K. Patricia Thrane, Shirley Whirley, Rudolf Jean Louis,Carlos Desrosier, SNIPT, Julie Lehite, Dakoro Edwards, Miscre8 & BD White,Chris Dykstra, Andra Douglas. Hutchins AMC artists Eddy Bogaert,Shlomit Fahima,Jose De Olio, and Joe Wippler “EZO”. GOMAS of World Trade Gallery, as well as, artists Mischa “MDot” T,Don J, Ivan Orama and many more.