Fashion Displacement. | A Panel Discussion by Polimoda. | Photo Recap.

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Fashion Displacement invited top educators, opinion leaders and fashion experts from around the world on Wednesday November 16th, 2016, to the Sky Room at New Museum, in New York City. An elite group of panelists came together for a moment of critical thinking and in-depth discussion, reflecting on the industry and education for mutual benefit. Moderated by Linda Loppa, speakers included Aimee Song (Founder, Song of Style), Burak Cakmak (Dean of Fashion, Parson’s School of Design), Danilo Venturi (Director, Polimoda), Fabio Piras (MA Fashion Course Director, Central Saint Martins), Julie Gilhart (Fashion Consultant), Rio Uribe (Founder & Creative Director, Gypsy Sport), Sara Kozlowski (Director of Education & Professional Development, CFDA) and Suzy Menkes (International Vogue Editor, Condé Nast International).


Suzy Menkes (International Vogue Editor, Condé Nast International), Linda Loppa (Polimoda’s Advisor of Strategy and Vision), Sara Kozlowski (Director of Education & Professional Development, CFDA). | Photo by Dana Melaver.


Linda Loppa (Polimoda’s Advisor of Strategy and Vision). | Photo by Dana Melaver.

Quiet Lunch stopped by and we were fortunate enough to get some valuable insight into the inner workings and developments of the fashion world. The panel also pushed the importance of education and how vital it is to creating a clear future.

Polimoda is a center for higher education, specializing in the fashion and luxury sectors with its unique location in the heart of Florence, Italy. Polimoda is considered by the Business of Fashion as the best school in Italy, and amongst the top ten in the world. This year Polimoda is celebrating its 30th Anniversary with a series of events to reflect the international environment of the Institute, where Fashion Displacement holds the most potential for a global impact.


Fabio Piras (MA Fashion Course Director, Central Saint). | Photo by Dana Melaver.


Photo by Dana Melaver.

“I think fashion, education and fashion education must be taken seriously as together they define the future of the next generation. As an educator I have this mission, and working in fashion requires a strong sense of responsibility. This discussion at The Sky Room at New Museum is the minimum we can do, as we are in a moment of change where culture and the human must be brought to the forefront.”

– Danilo Venturi, Director of Polimoda.


Julie Gilhart (Fashion Consultant). | Photo by Dana Melaver.