Conversations with the Wind. | TERRA NOVA at Catinca Tabacaru Gallery.

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It is rare to find galleries that support their artists like Catinca Tabacaru does for her CTG Collective. Tabacaru takes her group of diverse artists to the farthest reaches of the globe to find inspiration, experience new worlds, start conversations and connect with the land.


In its final week at Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, the collective are exhibiting work from their recent adventures in the windiest place on Earth, Newfoundland. TERRA NOVA presents work from collective members Rachel Monosov (Israel), Terrence Musekiwa (Zimbabwe), Yapci Ramos (Spain) and Justin Orvis Steimer (USA). In this show, the gallery is transformed, evoking the experience of the territories, their individual interpretations and experiences. The group camped on the islands, using the local landscape to create site-specific installations; interacting and learning from the local people. They constructed site specific and temporary works including Rachel Monosov’s “Impossible Meeting Point” a pink doorway standing over 12-feet-tall, located on an inlet accessible only by boat.

Pieces in the show are made from found and gifted objects such as fishing rope, netting, animal skulls and buoys dominate the main space of the gallery, while video work gives the audience an idea of the territory explored by this young group.


Join them this evening for an intimate discussion about where the CTG collective started, and where they are headed to next. They will discuss why the Collective was started in parallel to the gallery program, and how living and working around the globe has affected their individual practices and the communities they come into contact with.

You will also hear tales of visits by bands of baboons, Shamans channeling ancestors, and Newfie fisherman’s infinite generosity.   

Artist Talk starts at 6:30PM May 25, Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, 250 Broome St, New York.