Smuggler’s Blues: A Reading by Richard Stratton and E-Serialization Launch Party.

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New York, NY (November 9th, 2014) – An award winning writer and filmmaker, former Editor-in-Chief at High Times, former drug kingpin, outlaw and ex-con, Richard Stratton continues to lead a very colorful life. From the early days dealing weed in Boston to the complex and nefarious scheming while working with the underworld’s elite—shipping tons of hashish and marijuana out of Lebanon—to running and hiding from the Feds for a plant now legal in 23 of America’s 50 states, Stratton’s tell-all trilogy will take you on an unbelievably harrowing journey seemingly tailor-made for the silver screen.

Smuggler’s Blues -part one in the trilogy- launches November 9th, 3pm at Swift Hibernian Lounge, in New York’s East Village with a special reading by the author. This noteworthy event will be presented by Bodega de la Haba, Quiet Lunch, and Big House Productions.

Smuggler’s Blues will be exclusively e-serialized by Quiet Lunch Magazine. The first two chapters will be available for download on November 9th followed by bi-weekly releases of the remaining 11 chapters.


Richard explains:

“This book is about my fifteen-year career as an international trafficker of marijuana and hashish, both products of the cannabis plant. Marijuana, the smokeable leaf, bud and concentrated essence of cannabis sativa or cannabis indica was, for many years following the repeal of alcohol prohibition, demonized as the “weed with roots in hell.” Harsh prison sentences were handed out to those caught possessing or trafficking in the magic herb. Thankfully, Marijuana is gradually being recognized as the mysterious friend of mankind that it is—but not fast enough. There are still way too many prisoners of the war on plants serving outrageous sentences in prisons all across America. This book is dedicated to those unjustly tried, convicted and sentenced to prison for trafficking in a God-given plant. Free the prisoners of the war on plants now.”


Smuggler's Blues - A True Story of the Hippie Mafia

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