SHWOOD. | Fifty/Fifty Titanium Collection.

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Shwood just introduced their their Fifty/Fifty Titanium Collection. Featuring frames that are cut from a single sheet of high-quality titanium and matched with Shwood’s signature wood accent, the Titanium Collection has both a man-made and organic appeal.  Although the glasses are being mass produced, each pair is 100% unique.

Learn More about Fifty/Fifty Titanium Collection.

Francis - Gunmetal. | Shwood.

Francis – Gunmetal. | Shwood.

Francis - Black. | Shwood.

Francis – Black. | Shwood.

Govy - Gunmetal. | Shwood.

Govy – Gunmetal. | Shwood.

Govy - Black. | Shwood.

Govy – Black. | Shwood.

Courtesy of Shwood.

Courtesy of Shwood.

Canby - Black. | Shwood.

Canby – Black. | Shwood.

Canby - Gunmetal. | Shwood.

Canby – Gunmetal. | Shwood.

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