Scooter LaForge. | Travels with Johnny at Munch Gallery.

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Scooter LaForge‘s solo exhibition, Travels with Johnny, is coming to a close and you would be wise catch it before it does. Housed by Munch Gallery, the exhibition was inspired by a cross country road trip LaForge took with friend and photographer Johnny Rozsa.

LaForge and Rozsa, along with Stella, Hobson and Gypsy, made their way across the land, seeing the sites and visiting loved ones while LaForge read from John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley the whole time. The trip proved to be a journey of love, exploration and, most of all, inspiration. LaForge, who made sure to pack his sketch pads and canvases, returned with a body of work that is reflective, intimate and affectionate.

Travels with Johnny is on display through March 8th. Be sure to stop by Munch Gallery (245 Broome Street off Ludlow) TODAY!





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