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Scintillation is a film by Xavier Chassaing, accompanied by the musical piece “Contre Coeur” by Fedaden. Using a combination of stop motion animation and live projection mapping techniques, Chassaing turns over 35,000 photographs into a mesmerizing, disconcerting, beautiful film.

The movie unfolds over background music as ominous and alluring as itself. A pattern of four notes repeats throughout, filling the listener with a sense of aimless, sorrowful stumbling through the dark. Another instrument of clear, long notes comes in. Strings? An electronic keyboard? Maybe even a theremin? It’s hard to say, but it makes us a little more certain of what we’re feeling. Maybe.

Soon, we see a flower. It quivers suddenly, and we hear the aggressive tinkling of a surprising bell. We see more flowers. We hear more bells. Patterns of light unfold on the ceiling of some mysterious room. Or maybe it’s a hall, or a stage. Soon they become brilliant, overwhelming, tapestry-like. They look a little like a long night’s worth of big-city traffic viewed from the sky, sped up over a minute.

There is both order and chaos here, and it’s hard to tell them apart.

Written by Raj Gopal.↓

Raj Gopal (n.): DPS maximizer; Nerdsmith; Intellectual gadfly.

Raj Gopal (n.): DPS maximizer; Nerdsmith; Intellectual gadfly.


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