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Imagine you could just, I don’t know, plug in a device to your computer at your cubicle during a Quiet Lunch and play your favorite Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo games.

What if you could get a quick break by playing a round of Street Fighter II’ Special Edition with James, who is always talking smack about his ‘old school’ Bison skills at the cooler every Tuesday?

How, you ask?

↓Meet Retrode.↓

Forget emulators ya.  The Retrode is USB adapter for retro games. This puts 2 of the best gaming systems from the late 80s /early 90s in the palm of your hand (laptop/PC/mac required). You can now play SNES, SFC, Genesis and Mega-Drive games on your computer straight from your original cartridges and with your original controllers!

WARNING: DO NOT TAKE WITH YOU TO THE OFFICE because this is awesomeness level ∞ — You may (and probably will) lose your job or become your boss’s best friend. We wouldn’t take that chance.

Of course this is genius. All you need to make this work… we’ll let this video explain.

↓ Retrode Demo. ↓

We apologize (in advance) because with a price point of $90.00 in USD — thats 64.90 € for our friends across the pond — understand that we may be playing with Retrode more than we should and may miss a couple of days posting new cerebral sustenance daily. Just letting you know now.



→ Retrode Website. ←

Go. Start looking for your cartridges.

Written by Bim Star.↓

Bim Star. (n.) fashion authority; gadget guy. (Photo Courtesy of Bruno Daddi.)

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