Remembering Tim Hunt

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Our good friend and drinking companion, Tim Hunt, passed on November 26th, 2017. Always cheerful and dapper in bright, custom-tailored suits, he’d call friends male and female alike, ‘Lovely’ or ‘Darling’. Ever the consummate Englishman, Tim never had a bad word to say about anyone, nor had anyone a bad word to say about Tim, a former Curator at the Andy Warhol Foundation, on Monday evening when friends and colleagues gathered at Affirmation Arts to celebrate his life and fondly share cherished memories of the soccer-loving, daredevilish ex-model, and tribal art dealer.

Goodbye, darling Tim. You’re truly missed, deeply.

Host, Cynthia Fitzgerald

The one and only Anthony Haden-Guest

Gregory de la Haba & Sotheby’s Eric Shiner

Billy The Artist telling stories of his dear friend Tim Hunt.

Artist Agni Zotis

Collector Damon Brandt

Artist Adam McEwan

Artist Joan Bankemper & Photographer Wowe (aka Wolfgang Wesener)

Tim Hunt (1957-2017)

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