Quiet Lunch SS14. | Book No. 1 is Here!

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Since establishing Quiet Lunch in 2010, we have dedicated ourselves to promoting the arts and its makers. Existing solely online for quite some time, we have worked diligently towards the goal of bringing our content to the realm of print.

Today we are proud to announce that our dedication and diligence has paid off in the form of our FIRST EVER printed issue!

Our first print effort is a large 9 x 12 book with 158 pages of cerebral sustenance! And because we know how frugal the average human being is, we have set at the “economically friendly” price of $25.00 (FREE Shipping)

Book N°1 features Brock Davis, Alana Dee Haynes, Tei Shi, Salomon Faye, Larry Clark, Rosario Dawson and plenty more!

It also contains innovative LayAR technology which allows our readers to watch special video interviews locked inside of the magazine!

Shipping begins July 11th!

Order yours TODAY!


    Click Here To Purchase Book N° 1.



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