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In Audiorotic by Niki Gatewood

A compelling comfort bookends Phases by BONOMO.  The February release, beautifully showcases the cohesive creativity of the band’s core members, Andrew Renfroe and Adam Bonomo. These Brooklyn-based musicians conjure sheer magic. Sans any incantations,  to please the public the duo relies upon its inherent artistry.

Opening with familiar Folk sensibilities, “Home” astutely foreshadows the album’s trajectory. The mix of compelling chords from Andrew with Adam’s soothing voice proves more than inviting. After quickly becoming invested into the endeavor, pristine percussion fluidly melds with a restrained smoky vocal on “Water.”

As the project progresses the funky “Redshifted” perfectly lifts the mood. Moving from contemplative to reactionary, the pounding keys become a frustrated and adrenaline-drenched heart. Darling it is absolutely delicious. While “Do Need” and “Show Her Love” are dark and dizzy — somehow — they both work.

Taming the tempo, the methodical “Repeating” slows down and focuses on love. Reminiscent of Fiona Apple, to express its perspective this penetrating track uses a plucked guitar and raw emotion. It demonstrates that love is fully encompassing. The lyrical denouement, “Baby Alright” is absolutely divine. Written from a shrewd child’s perspective, it offers a cunning lullaby to the power of perseverance.

Phases delivers everything that is serene, smooth, and soulful. Invest the time and enjoy this audible treat.

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