Paris Fashion Week 2014. | Day 4 | Tea Clouds.

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†Day 4. | Tea Clouds.†

In less than 24 hours I’ll leave this gorgeous place.

I’m sitting in my apartment staring out of a window that opens to a little piece of blue sky. I have a hot cup of green tea and I’m reflecting on my last day in Paris. The air is crisp and fresh, you can definitely say that fall is here.

My tea is steaming in the air and I can hardly pay attention to anything around me.


I thought about moving here and living the experience of fashion week everyday. In a perfect life this would happen now. But this fashion week went pretty fast, and my days here are coming to an end.


Remembering this experience is convincing me, more and more, that this place is magic for some reasons. Besides New York , Paris is the other place where I can easily imagine a future. Here life is not  too “slow” or too “fast” like in some places. The food is good, the people are okay–not hysterical or rude.


Ending my time here with a proper touch of chic, I went to the Akris, Galliano and Simoen’s shows. It was so worth running around Paris.


All the shows that I was attending, all the good street style I’ve experienced, it was like fresh air. I am happy about every minute I spent in Paris, and I’m looking forward to coming back and rocking it again.


My tea is still there.

Cold now.



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