Paris Fashion Week 2014. | Day 1. | Paris Smells Like Peonies.

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† Day 1. | Paris Smells Like Peonies. †


What’s going on?


Paris, streets, fall, wine, life.


Here we go, I’m at Paris Fashion Week and my mind is already blown. All around me, Parisiennes with amazing taste for fashion and an incredible “Savoir Faire” are walking about.


I started my day with a full french breakfast (Croissants and Pain au Chocolat) and an attitude, that in france is a Pass- par- tout, much more than your visit card.


The first show that I attended was Manish Arora at Palais de Tokyo, one of the best places to show your collection if you’re a 2.0 designer. The environment was so electric and so stimulating.


After the end of the Manish Arora I decided to walk around Paris before getting to Balmain’s show. It was the best decision I’ve ever (EVER) made in my life.


Fall, what a great season; and Paris, what a great place to be. The white buildings of La Ville Lumiere, the Fromagerie, Boulangerie, Charcuterie… the florist that is selling gorgeous light-pink Peonies, everything is inspiring.


I’ve never experienced such romance in other cities–especially in New York City, where life is fast and burning. Here in France, you can take some time to smell the flowers and eat macaroons.


Balmain’s Defilée was incredible and the people who were invited to judge the product of the Maison were incredible, too.


I’m expecting great things from this fashion week, and who knows, maybe a great Fall Romance.



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