Over & Dover.

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“Narcissus”. (Photo Courtesy of Amy Dover.)

Amy Dover‘s work is shrouded in an air of antiquated melancholy. Grounded in a dismal reality but propelled by an instinctively glum allure, Dover uses her illustrations to tell tales of a Grimm nature.

While a majority of Amy’s work possesses a stern innocence, it also conceals a dangerous weapon that is forged in a fire of stoic despair and cooled in a pool of hushed, but glorified, gore.

“Henrietta”. (Courtesy of Amy Dover.)

“A Faith Fortold”. (Courtesy of Amy Dover.)

“Hung”. (Courtesy of Amy Dover.)

“Moths Surround”. (Courtesy of Amy Dover.)

Dover is the demon barber to our Fleet Street. She’s an extraordinarily talented menace that wreaks havoc on our darkest fears. Pieces like the one above will plague our dreams for years to come; each haunting image endlessly replaying a clever trick our consciences — to the point of sheer madness.

“Loan Wolf”. (Courtesy of Amy Dover.)

“Fox Bee”. (Courtesy of Amy Dover.)


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