Open House (of Lies).

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Showtime gave an early premiere of their hit show, House of Lies, at AMC Theater in Times Square last night, and Quiet Lunch was there enjoying every second. Fans braved the cold while waiting in a line that nearly wrapped around the block, but quickly forgot about the wait once they were inside eating warm popcorn and yukking it up as Don Cheadle revived his role as Marty Kaan for the show’s second season. The premiere sees some unanswered questions being resolved, and some new characters being introduced. We’ll avoid spoiling anything, but we will say that fans will be more than happy with Sunday night’s episode.

Afterwards, everyone was treated to delicious finger foods, Heineken, and various flavors of Ciroc. The DJ spun some groovy tunes, and, in the end, everyone stumbled home happy. The show premieres on January 13th at 10 pm on Showtime.

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