Nothing Huge at XY Atelier. | Danny Lane.

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XY Gallery is pleased to announce Nothing Huge an abstract exhibition of photographs by Danny Lane, marking the first solo show for the NYC based artist. The pictures were shot on 35mm film on the streets of lower Manhattan. Nothing Huge explores the shapes and colors of downtown Manhattan where all things seemingly have a life of their own. Lane, a native New Yorker, has always been inspired by the “everyday” visuals of the pulsating metropolis yet this collection of photos is a completely new exploration when compared to his usual “fashion focused” work. Come journey through the loud, comical, and obnoxiously specific view from the neurotic mind of an artist who normally just photographs people on couches.

Danny Lane is a 30 year-old portrait photographer and actor currently living in New York. Inspired by the complex undertones of everyday urban visuals, Danny creates raw and honest photographs that beautifully capture the personality and emotion of his subjects.

Opening Reception | Thursday, November 17, 7pm to 9pm
XY Atelier | 81 Hester Street, NYC
November 17 – November 27, 2016