No (Chum)ps Allowed.

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Earl Sweatshirt released visuals for his single “Chum” earlier this month, and we hardly noticed–mainly because we’re deaf, dumb, and blind. In fact, when we took note of the number of views the video has on YouTube, we came to the conclusion that the rest of the world is also sleeping the vid.

Released on December 4th, “Chum” has barely gotten over half a million views. Now, one of two things must be true: YouTube  fudging the numbers or the world is not ready for Earl Sweatshirt. Featuring Earl hanging upside down Pharcyde style and various sized frogs (a possible nod to Naruto), the video is a dark and tormented window into the world of rap’s most promising young stars. Get a copy of “Chum” → here. ←

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