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Akin to Kanye West’s “Through the Wire,” Amy Allison‘s My Story is a conceptual memoir of an individual battling jaw ailments. A graphic design student in her final year at Wanganui School of Design, Allison explains the project in her own words:

“At the time of making these images I was in the midst of having major jaw surgery. With this on my mind, I decided why not share my experience in a fun, cute way. The sequence of these images shows where I started, being a healthy active person eating a nice crunchy apple. Then the jaw problems continue leaving me on a liquid diet, and lastly at the point of not being able to eat at all, living on medicine.”

– Amy Allison.


Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Amy Allison_My Story
Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Amy Allison_My Story 2

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