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†Day 3†



So, 3rd day in Milan.


Fashion week is full of surprises and walking down the streets with my camera is a good way to spy on and learn from these “IT-Girls”. After a day like this my memory recalls the DO’s and the DO NOT DO’s that I snapped at the various events.


I also recall what I’ve learned from street style–which is actually super personal because everyone is different and I feel that learning experiences are heavily influenced by one’s own personality.


Even now, here, in this moment, in this room, on this couch, I’m wondering, ‘What is ‘fashion’?”


I spent this rainy Friday with my friend, Carolina. We grew up together. So, I was there when she was wearing those horrible shoes, and, at the same time, she beared with me when I got overly excited about that terrible semi-fake-Moschino shirt.


While reminiscing and laughing at our uncool taste, we ended up asking to each other what fashion is for us.


Carolina, a wonderful girl who lived with me through the best and the worst, realized that fashion for us is just passion.


Sometimes passion can be about colour, sometimes texture, sometimes patterns and shape. We can’t say that fashion is “this” or  fashion is “that”. We can’t define or border the idea of “cool”.


Fashion Month is where my taste meets her taste. It is where what I like can embody your next obsession or it can be a weird shadow in your memory.


But Fashion Week isn’t the only place where you can express yourself and put on the wildest outfit that is hiding in your wardrobe. Everyday should look like You.


Fashion is your opinion. It is that pair of uncomfortable shoes that you’re wearing on a rainy day.


Fashion is sleeping in your favourite shirt. Fashion is going grocery shopping with that yummy cherry lipstick or wearing a black dress to a wedding.


What makes you fashionable is your attitude, and your smile. Because remember, a girl named “Audrey” said: “the best accessory a woman can wear is her smile”.



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