MEANWHILE… A Celebration of Resilience.

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As the world sputters and stalls, the creative engines of 2020 still roar with an unrelenting fervor. Even beneath the momentary rubble, seeds of change grow and break new ground, giving birth to new life and new ideas. 

Curated by Akeem K. Duncan of Quiet Lunch and Jillian Mackintosh of Brilliant Champions, MEANWHILE…is an expansive group exhibition that focuses not on the pandemic itself but the creative process that manages to thrive and strive in spite of our dire circumstances. MEANWHILE… highlights the resilient spirit of the artist. A spirit that is meant to assess, adapt and find a fresh approach to the age-old sport of expression and survival. A spirit that exists in us all–whether or not we draw, sculpt or paint.

Featuring a gallery of talented artists who have utilized the collective downtime to explore and expand their boundaries, MEANWHILE…is a celebration of our undying will to exist and evolve.

Due to conditions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking proper precautions to keep the artists and the audience safe. However, we are allowing OPEN VIEWING BY APPOINTMENT.

To view the exhibition in person please RSVP at or

If you are interested in purchasing the works by these talented artist then simply click the respective photos below!

Click to view Nichole’s work!
Click to view Keli’s work!
Click to view Kimia’s work!
Click to view Marcus’ work!
Click to view Jared’s work!
Click to view Mike’s work!
Click to view Martin’s work!

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