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Merging home textiles and art design, ZigZagZurich has employed the talents of patternist Matthew Korbel-Bowers for the latest installation in their ZigZagZurich Artist bedding collection. The Coastal Art Duvet Cover and Pillows is an energetic set that embodies Korbel-Bowers’ knack for creating appealing but meaningful patterns. The artist explains:

“Coastal was born from studies of color, physical space and the natural environment combined with the outcome of years of collecting color combinations along the coast of Northern California. The layout and distribution of colors came about organically, as they reflect how the original paint swatches randomly live on my studio walls.”

– Matthew Korbel-Bowers

Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Designer-Duvet-Cover-Coastal-01-by-Matthew-Korbel-Bowers-ZigZagZurich-5172-low-800x1011 Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Designer-Duvet-Cover-Coastal-03-by-Matthew-Korbel-Bowers-ZigZagZurich-5177-low-800x1011 Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Designer-Duvet-Cover-Coastal-04-by-Matthew-Korbel-Bowers-ZigZagZurich-5180-low-800x1011 Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Designer-Duvet-Cover-Coastal-03-by-Matthew-Korbel-Bowers-ZigZagZurich-5177-a-low-800x1001

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