Keeping It Thorough.

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The folks of Thorocraft have lived up to their name once again. The LA based shoe company has released the visuals for their Spring/Summer 2013 collection. The shoes will be available soon between $180-$250 USD. We caught up with Gianpaolo Altomari and ask him about the inspiration for the new line:

“This season’s theme takes inspiration from the woven leather craft of the Veneto region in Italy that can be seen on the Ross, Troy and Roman styles. Popularized during the 1960’s, the woven styles offer breathability and style, ideal for traveling along Italy’s coastline in the summer months. The Mercer offers a clever yet refined solution to the summer’s heat; laser cut patterns adorn the shoes upper for unparalleled breathability, making it possible to dress up while cooling down.” – Gianpaolo Altomari.

Photo Courtesy of Thorocraft.

Photo Courtesy of Thorocraft.

Photo Courtesy of Thorocraft.


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