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Featured college graduate says college equipped her with wonderful life experiences but "it's a shame I had to pay $60,000 for them." (Video snapshot courtesy of Quiet Lunch)

In an economy that is currently in the depths–a depth that some are hesitantly calling the second coming of the Great Depression–Americans all over are reeling from the impact. However, it is today’s college graduates that are perhaps suffering the most. A college degree carried an immense weight before the recession wave took over the US and it is almost as if post-college aged Americans have become forgotten.

Graduating Into Debt, presented by the New York Times, is a snapshot into the lives of recent college grads living in New Paltz, New York, who are all struggling with finding and maintaining the secure financial stability they were promised with a degree; and the heartbreakingly honest look at how America views them as disposable.

 Graduating Into Debt: Series by Brent McDonald, Matthew Orr & Andrew Martin.


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