“Identity” | Kane Mayfield.

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The new song “Identity” marks a peak in Kane Mayfield‘s recent resurgence. We have lauded Mayfield’s breakthroughs in the past, but it is much different this time around. There is a glorious shift taking place in the rapper’s work, his lyrical schemes seem more potent, more hard hitting. Don’t get us wrong, he can rap circles around any square MC who is foolish enough to try their luck, but there is some more poignant about his aura.

“Identity” is the culmination of a growing sternness that is working its way through Mayfield’s material. It is almost as if he has arrived from a creative hajj, returning with visceral focus and an even sounder rhetoric. Still retaining his sense of humor, Mayfield had this to say about the song:

“These are statements that if I took them and put them on a t-shirt, they would automatically become slogans for counterculture.”

– Kane Mayfield.

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