Iconic 32 |x| Common Ground Foundation at Bucketfeet.

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In an age where celebrities seem more influential than ever, it is good to see famous faces wielding their influence effectively. Last week Quiet Lunch was invited by Iconic 32 and The Common Ground Foundation to Bucketfeet, a SoHo sneaker shop focused on artist based designs, to celebrate the spirit of creativity and, most of all, social good.

The event helped raised money for The Common Ground Foundation, a charitable entity founded by hip-hop artist/actor Common. The event also doubled has a listening party for Common brand new album, Nobody’s Smiling, bringing in a crowd of music lovers who were eager to support a good cause. Common himself was in attendance,  and gave an impromptu performance after educating the audience about the origins and agenda of The Common Ground Foundation.

Iconic 32 co-founders Sergio Morales and Malik Yoba also had some inspiring words for the crowd who gathered at Bucketfeet. Morales and Yoba addressed the need for sociopolitical progression through the arts and the role that everyone–not just celebrities–can play in encouraging that progression.

Other highlights included City Councilman Jumaane Williams and tasty eats from the Snow Day Food Truck.

To learn more about Iconic 32, visit their website.

To learn more about The Common Ground Foundation, visit their website.

Photos Courtesy of Kareem Gonsalves |x| Michael Della Polla.

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