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Never give your business card to cartoonist, Hugh MacLeod. He will draw quirky and subtly melancholic illustrations on the back of them, making critical works of art that give the audience an unique window into the human psyche. Now that we’re thinking about it, maybe you should give Macleod your business card after all. He may make a masterpiece out of it.

The collection being featured today is a sequel to his first portfolio. The success of his first portfolio led to MacLeod publishing a book titled, Ignore Everybody.

“Company Hierarchy”. (Courtesy of Hugh MacLeod.)

“I Don’t Have Friends”. (Courtesy of Hugh MacLeod.)

“I Choose This Life”. (Courtesy of Hugh MacLeod.)

“Mistakenly”. (Courtesy of Hugh MacLeod.)

“Vanished”. (Courtesy of Hugh MacLeod.)

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