Etcher: Etch A Sketch for iPad.

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Remember the days when you could make all of your mistakes disappear with a couple of shakes? The days where everything was connected and there was no such idea as isolation?

Photo Courtesy of Kickstarter.

Okay, maybe we were a little too into our Etch A Sketches but we’re pretty sure Ari Krupnik feels the same way. There is no other reason why he would create the Etcher, an functional case that turns your iPad into a classic Etch A Sketch toy.

This opens up a cherished childhood memory to a whole new generation of artist and technology junkies that never really had their chance to get familiar with the famed instrument.

Photo Courtesy of Kickstarter.

Pauline Graziano, a professional Etch A Sketch artist gave the prototype a rave review. Since an expert user is satisfied, there’s no reason why us regular schmoes shouldn’t be pleased.

Photo Courtesy of Kickstarter.

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Here is a time-lapsed video of Pauline creating a drawing with Etcher:

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