Listening with Your Eyes: Downtown Stories at Colbo.

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Autumn gave us a lovely preview last week. It was one of those classic crisp late summer days where the weather gets us all to jump with a pumpkin spice pump fake via a micro-season that every New Yorker identifies as “false fall.” However, there was a very warm energy emanating from Colbo on Orchard Street. Housing the quaint but powerful group exhibition,  Downtown Stories, the charming concept store reminds us that unconventional art spaces are not to be ignored. 

Courtesy of Lihi Brosh.

The venue was buzzing with a familiar vigor. It’s been awhile since the city has had a certain rhythm… a certain feel. It was the first day of the month and September seemed to be setting a tone. There was an ageless allure in the air–this neoclassical electricity flowing through the crowd. Featuring photographers Lihi Brosh, Q. Sakamaki and Marco Giannavola, Downtown Stories is an endearing gathering of works that captures downtown Gotham’s subcultural magic across the span of three decades and bridges the gaps between generational tribes. Sporting her trademark two-toned do, Brosh, who curated the exhibition as well, was beaming as she floated through Colbo greeting friends and attendees alike.

“I wanted to cherish the history of downtown through photography. I believe a lot of us tend to forget how much history there is in this neighborhood. I believe it’s important to shed a light on it.”

– Lihi Brosh.

Courtesy of Lihi Brosh.
Courtesy of Lihi Brosh.
Courtesy of Lihi Brosh.

In Downtown Stories, each photographer flourishes under the conceptual umbrella of timeless metro-noir. Sakamaki walks us back to the 90s and reacquaints us with a pivotal not too distant heyday while Brosh and Giannavola blissfully brings us up to speed with the rumbles of the future. All three executed effortlessly when capturing the moments that once called out to the other creatives who came before them. Invoking the spirit of the Nan Goldin, Jamel Shabazz, Bill Cunningham and countless others, Brosh, Sakamaki and Giannavola are carrying the creative torch that illuminates the human condition.

Courtesy of Marco Giannavola.

Downtown Stories is on view through Winter 2022. Stop by Colbo (51 Orchard Street) and check it out if you’re in the neighborhood–tell them Quiet Lunch sent you!

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