Doesn’t Matter If You’re Black or White.

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Clocks can be rather snarky and aloof–and here’s why: they sit around all day telling you what time it is while they go on unaffected by the changes that take place within the course of 24 hours. Clocks can be cold, insensitive time Nazis that are only here serve up a numerical assessment of how you spend your life. When a clock wakes us up, it could care less that it’s still dark outside. In fact, now that we think of it, a clock truly has no way of knowing when it’s dark outside–until now.

Meet the Black & White clock design by Vadim Kibardin of Kibardin Design. Sensitive to change of night and day, the Black & White clock contains a light sensor that switches the clock from black (daytime) to white (nighttime). Each figure has self-contained power supply, independent control, and can be fixed to any surface.

Courtesy of Kibardin Design.

Courtesy of Kibardin Design.

Unfortunately, due to the high price of OLED screens and accumulators, the Black & White Clock isn’t being produced commercially. However, Kibardin Design is currently working on bringing the clock to an affordable market. Hopefully they make a breakthrough some time soon.

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