Democratic Republic of Congo. | Abby Rain Ross.

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Photographer Abby Rain Ross is known for her worldly portfolio. She and her sister, Lauren Bradford Ross, have traveled the globe, amassing a rich body of work gives their audience a window into cultures that they may never have the chance to encounter.

Abby’s The Republic of Congo is a mixed media project that transmutes traditional portraiture and puts an abstract spotlight on victims of war.


Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_abby-rosscongo0006 Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_abby-rosscongo0002 Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_abby-rosscongo0001

Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_abby-rosscongo0004 Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_abby-rosscongo0003 Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_abby-rosscongo0007 Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_abby-rosscongo0005

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