Dee & Ricky Still Breaking Hearts.

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If art is your only love for this Valentine’s Day, you might want to stop by Dee & Ricky‘s Heart Breakers exhibit at the ROX Gallery. Curated by Miz Metro, Heart Breakers will also be featuring work by Mr. Gif–creator of the insane flyer below.

Courtesy of Mr. Gif.

Courtesy of Mr. Gif.

Meant to serve as an unique experience that can be greatly appreciated by the lonely, partygoers will be required wear a red lego heart breaker which can be pre-ordered or handmade on site.  To enter pre-order your Dee & Ricky Lego Heart Breaker → HERE. ←

Participants can also sign up for destruction sessions with Ahmet Civelek. Heart Breakers will be on view from February 14th-March 1st.

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