Controlled Burns. | Kevin Cooley.

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Tumultuous and graceful, Kevin Cooley‘s Controlled Burn series visualizes the often overlooked duality that accompanies fire. Cooley, a photographer, stages his own miniature inferno, capturing each roiling movement and intense spark.

Fire is a powerful natural force that we harness for greater good, and it is the only Classical element, that we can create on demand, yet when out of control it has the potential for grave destruction. Controlled burns, is a visual representation of an inherit duality in how we interact with nature, symbolizing our desire to conquer and control nature, reminding us that sometimes we must fight fire with fire.”

– Kevin Cooley.


Kevin-Cooley-Controlled-Burn-E Kevin-Cooley-Controlled-Burn-D Kevin-Cooley-Controlled-Burn-C Kevin-Cooley-Controlled-Burn-B

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