Climb | Rachel Hornaday | Art at The Yard Opening Exhibition

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Climb is an experimental solo exhibition by artist Rachel Hornaday. Featuring paintings on canvas and sculptures of porcelain, Climb stems from the artist’s ever-evolving, material-based dialogue pertaining form and color, between the simple, stark whiteness of raw, ‘naked’ porcelain juxtaposed with abstract landscapes full of undulating color. It is in this space between objects, between polar opposites, between worlds absent of color colliding with worlds exploding in color, that the artist finds her creative balance, her Ying, and her Yang, and which recall an earlier time:

“Playing in the woods as a child, alone, I developed a love for exploration, a sensitivity to color, to patterns, and to nature’s unending ability to surprise. The art-making process reflects these earlier times, to my observations in the world and acts almost as an instrument to reconnect with a past life, to a time long gone, back when things were simpler, more peaceful, and understood more easily —or not and it didn’t matter. Making art is a way to recover memory as much as it’s about processing new memory, creating moments that allow for wonderful discovery without having to run off into the woods.”

– Rachel Hornaday


Viewing Reception
Tuesday, February 27th, 6 PM – 8 PM
The Yard (Flatiron South) | 234 5th Avenue  NY NY 10001

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