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In Audiorotic by Niki Gatewood

New York MCs have been celebrated for creating Hip-Hop.  Overall, their stylish perspective has helped to define the evolving culture. With his unadulterated insight, the Lower East Side’s,  Topprraaa, has the provocative confidence to deliver his perspective.

This Big Apple narrator fuses an impoverished existence, an ostentatious desire, and an unwavering candor which serves to bless,  Churches In Venice The entrenched hubris that kicks off, “Still Time,” is immediately enhanced by “Million Dollar Sculptures.” Lord Unknown creates a brooding beat; it allows Topprraaa to create tangible tales of urban warfare.

As “Hold It Down” comes and goes, “Palace Lace” instantly snatches away any momentary angst. Within this cacophony of chaos adept artistry is flexed at will. Wrought with tribulation, “Roll A Choppa” is a cleverly disguised bedtime ditty. The sharp-shooter precision, and staccato delivery on “Better Than You,” demonstrates the penned penance of recorded time.

Enveloped by self-assuredness, Topprraaa’s art and actions should reward him with a rewarding musical career.