Cakes Da Killa. |x| Hunger Pangs.

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The carry has begun, and there isn’t a rapper alive that can match the cunty verbal barrage of Cakes Da Killa. Tearing most rappers out the frame with The Eulogy, Cakes returns with Hunger Pangs, a vicious sophomore effort that places the New Jersey emcee at top of everyone’s Artist to Watch List.

Accompanied by thumping production and flaunting a reckless abandon that has become his modus operandi, Cakes doesn’t disappoint with Hunger Pangs. In fact, with YouTube’s recent efforts to squeeze out independent artists/labels, he sets the bar for all “Kickstarter artists” who are looking to do for self.

And did we mention that CUNT MAFIA ringleader and all knowing mother Contessa Stuto makes a cameo? Yeah. So, fix your face.

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