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Teresa Aversa is somewhat of a romantic. The way that she sees things, especially the quotidian objects that we often come into contact with on a daily basis and hardly take notice of despite frequent usage, is similar to most thoughtful creatives. But unlike most creatives, Aversa has taken root in a brilliant aesthetic that is ripe with a delicate immortality.


Based in Toronto, Canada, Aversa is an interdisciplinary artist who often finds herself in the practice of marrying mediums. Her latest series, simply titled Bulletin Boards, is a collection of calculated portraits that capture a fragile and fluid forever—an amalgam of photography, curios, textiles and gold leaf.

“My practice has always included found images and ephemera, primarily focusing on different ways of displaying and instilling them with new meaning. Bulletin boards have always fascinated me, specifically the way in which these banal objects become a repository of memories, images and information – taking on their own aesthetic over time.”



Functional time capsules that span the past, present and future, these boards host sentimental documentations of one’s aspirations, inspirations and ideals. Bulletin Boards is an ode to growth, an homage to process. The concept seems simple but the execution itself is quite careful and deliberate. Aversa doesn’t just nail the concept alone; she cleverly and purposefully goes the extra mile, curating all the objects to a tee. This prompts the aesthetic of each piece, delightfully distinguished, to carry on a conversation of its own.

This series arose from my need to create aesthetic objects that were highly curated in theme and composition—the boards become 3D collages where I can work out ideas and form a visual language unique to my practice. The mass produced pre-framed nature of the boards allow me to make compositional decisions within those strict border, while focusing on the fine details of the objects that are found on its surface.


A seemingly effortless visual articulation of expression, Bullet Boards allows us to appreciate the process of creativity as much as we do the result. The series beautifies the banal and brings to light the neglected nuances and overlooked magic that is embedded in conceptualization. Of course the appreciation of the creative process isn’t anything new but Aversa invokes a unique appeal that usually isn’t associated with bulletin boards, the initial physical manifestation of one’s inspiration. She manages to depict the relationship between seeing, feeling and being, a trinity that has fueled life—and art—since humankind laid eyes on its first dawn.

Teresa Aversa | www.teresaaversa.com

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