Fish Bubbles.

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Fishtanks are usually the focal point in the room, well, not the fish tank itself, it’s the actual fish that people look at. The “Bubble Tank” changes it up by making it the piece in the room that people want to talk about and look at. This artsy fish tank promotes creation, thinking and is an amazing conversational piece. This beautiful “Bubble Tank,” that looks as if it’s about to fall off the table, was created by Sheffield-based design studio Psalt Design.

Click to Purchase. (Photo Courtesy of Psalt.)

No two Bubble Tanks are exactly the same, each tank has it’s own unique form and individual characteristics. Psalts aim was not for cheap mass production but for a celebration of skill and craft that is represented in a truly unique product.

Photo Courtesy of Psalt Design.

Click to Purchase. (Photo Courtesy of Psalt Design.)

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