PRO TEM Art Series. |x| Boris Bernard. | Barbaric YAWP.

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Quiet Lunch is teaming up with The Eastmen Collective for yet another chapter in the PRO TEM Art Series. Featuring new works by mixed media collagist Boris Bernard, Barbaric | YAWP  is a vivid installation visually transcribes a dialogue between the resilient creative and the durable dogma of a structured, but hollow society.

Boris Bernard is a young street artist whose multifaceted approach to fine art results in a raw aesthetic that undermines conceptual norms. Boasting a unique brand of inner city gumption and sincere pop satire, this exhibition challenges the gatekeepers of high art.

Lyons Wier Gallery – June 14th 6 pm- OPENING NIGHT – we invite you to tear down the constructs of normalcy and sound your barbaric yawp!

barbaric yawp flyer

Just in case you missed our last show Saving | Face with Derek Wiesberg, have a look at our video recap!

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