Quiet Lunch Magazine ‡ January 18th, 2012. – January 31st, 2012.

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It’s our second issue of the New Year, and we’re still as chipper as we were when the year first started. Most of our friends are completely annoyed by our optimism, but we’re pretty sure that their hurtful abandonment will bring us back down to Earth. Until then, we have tons of time on our hands to make each issue even better than the last.

Number 31 includes a profile of sculptor, Derek Weisberg. We spent an evening with Weisberg in his Greenwich Village studio where we discussed his artistry and his overall approach to his work. We also have a live show review of Bear Hands at Grasslands from our newest writer, Michael Del Priore. The newbie flexes some serious muscle in his first go-around. Surely the Gods (our readers) will be satisfied with his efforts.

Matia’s column, The First Act, puts the spotlight on The Novel Ideas, a local band from her beloved Boston home, while Raj Gopal takes a look at a short film by Xavier Chassaing. And finally, we have a few words with JAU label designer, Jessica Au.

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NaShish Scott/Quiet Lunch Magazine.

NaShish Scott/Quiet Lunch Magazine.


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