Blindness Light. | Javier Martin.

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In recent news, Miami- and Hong Kong-based artist Javier Martin has surfaced with his series “Blindness Light,” promoted alongside his performances at Art Basel Hong Kong and Context Miami. For the primary flat works, the artist warps neon lights and imposes the fixtures over a series of editorial fashion photography, appearing to blindfold, restrain, or obscure female models. (In a related performance video, you can watch Martin crushing a sequence of these lights on the floor with his forearm.)

For those who worry that this kind of artwork perpetuates the vanity it is meant to criticize, with eye-catching objectification, media-ready performances, and pretty lights, see Javier Martin’s lesser known works, a series of social realist sculptures (see below) that remind you of the sharp, bitter wit of contemporary artists like Maurizio Cattelan or Doris Salcedo.

quiet-lunch-javier-martin-blindness quiet-lunch-javier-martin-blindness 2 quiet-lunch-javier-martin-blindness 3 quiet-lunch-javier-martin-blindness 4

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