Music Video. | “Between Huey and Malcolm” | Tyson Amir.

In Audiorotic by Niki Gatewood

Whether it’s formulating poignant stanzas, or  it’s fighting to reinforce freedom, Tyson Amir, continues to use his platform to  creatively appeal to the masses. Reared amidst a Revolutionary backdrop, this acclaimed Bay Area activist is preparing for the release of his debut book, Black Boy Poems.  Within the illuminating endeavor, Tyson poetically offers gripping and detailed experiences of the American, melanin-enriched man.

The provocative, “Between Huey and Malcolm” challenges a contradictory American mindset. Here Amir defies Big Brother Willie. Rather than embracing the embedded idea that minorities are monetized chattel, Tyson Amir, encourages others to stop being brainwashed and embrace their inherent greatness.

Stay woke.

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