The Kids Are Alright.

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Intimate and spirited, Bayla Laks‘s Kids is a series of kindred watercolours that borrows from the photographic aesthetics that often appear in social media. Laks work is often centered around everyday life, featuring portraits of friends and scenes from her hometown, Hudson Valley.

"Tessa, Sal, Krista, Emily, Chimi" | Bayla Laks.

“Tessa, Sal, Krista, Emily, Chimi” | Bayla Laks.

"Zoe" | Bayla Laks.

“Zoe” | Bayla Laks.

"Pascal" | Bayla Laks.

“Pascal” | Bayla Laks.

"Paloma, Pascal, and Jericho" | Bayla Laks.

“Paloma, Pascal, and Jericho” | Bayla Laks.

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