B-9 NH Black Edition. | BME Design.

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Bruce Wayne wouldn’t be caught dead riding a bicycle—but let’s just say he did. If he did, this would be it. Made from durable carbon fiber, the B-9 NH Black Edition by BME Design is a matte masterpiece built to withstand the fashionable violence of the inner city.

Just imagine, Batman popping a wheelie onto The Joker’s face or roasting a proper table through the night sky as he traverses from rooftop to rooftop. Dark Knight daydreams aside, the B-9 NH Black Edition is the only bike you will ever own once you buy it. It’s damn near indestructible and timelessly stylish.


Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_n-9_nh_black_02 Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_n-9_nh_black_04 Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_n-9_nh_black_03

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