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Brooklyn Wildlife presents 12 Days of Art is underway, and the festivities continue this Saturday with our good friend Ohene Cornelius. Hosted by Upa, the event will also feature music by LaurenSaraThe FrightnrsIllustrate, and many more! A collection of Indie film, we have provided a list of the featured filmmakers below. Get more info on the event → here. ←

• André Chammas
• Anne Mai Slot Vilmann
• Arjae Franko
• Ashley Robinson
• Broken Glow
• John Conor Brooke
• Julie Nymann
• Martin Bentsen
• Mohamed Dione
• Morgan Goldin
• Natalie Paul
• Ohene Cornelius
• Onika Day
• Rebekka Elisabeth Anker-Møller
• Rami Even-Esh (Kosha DIllz)
• Shottie & TeV95
• Stine Michelsen
• Tarik Jackson
• Tom Stang

Courtesy of Ohene Cornelius/Brooklyn Wildlife.

Courtesy of Ohene Cornelius/Brooklyn Wildlife.

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