Art Basel Miami Beach. | 2014.

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Art Basel Miami Beach recently wrapped, and while many of us are already back to our regular routines, some of us are still daydreaming about the memorable artwork that was on display.

It was the 13th edition of the famed art festival and much like a fine wine, it gets better with time. Throngs of art enthusiasts filed in to see galleries and collectors from around the world presenting new works (and old favorites) by a plethora of international artists of all mediums.

Press passes in hand, Quiet Lunch Magazine was there to capture some of the highlights. Some standout works included a yellow themed exhibition from Jack Early, Katie Paterson’s Gravity Released One Unit at a Time, Marc Quinn’s The Eye of History, Hu Qingyan’s Mountain of Gold and a clean, minimal exhibition by Ricky Swallow.

 quiet-lunch-art-basel-2014-jack-early2 quiet-lunch-art-basel-2014-jack-early

quiet-lunch-art-basel-2014_2 quiet-lunch-art-basel-2014_5

quiet-lunch-art-basel-2014-galerie-urs-meile-beijing-hu-qingyan-mountain-of-gold quiet-lunch-art-basel-2014-stuart-shave-modern-art-london-ricky-swallow-flag-parallellogram-soot

quiet-lunch-art-basel-2014-katie-paterson-gravity-released-one-unit-at-a-time quiet-lunch-art-basel-2014-jonathan-owen quiet-lunch-art-basel-2014-galerie-buchholz-cologne-berlin-mark-leckey quiet-lunch-art-basel-2014-contemporary-fine-arts-berlin

quiet-lunch-art-basel-2014_3 quiet-lunch-art-basel-2014_3a


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